The top free bets and sports bonuses for January 2023

Discover unmatched free bet deals from the most reputable online sportsbooks. We have compiled the best free bets for the month below. Find the finest sports bonuses and start playing, or continue reading for our comprehensive guide to free bets.

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Free wagering and sports sign-up bonuses

Avoid sports betting sites

Not every gambling website is worth your time and money. If we believe that a website may constitute a risk to a bettor, we will make this explicit. This might be due to a number of factors, including a lack of valid license, inadequate customer service, the suspension of accounts without explanation, or other dubious behaviors. Be careful while placing online wagers and stick to the sportsbooks on our shortlist, which have all passed quality and security testing.

What are free wagers?

A free bet is a bonus offer that enables you to place a wager without spending deposited funds. Typically, online sportsbooks will provide free bets to new customers as a means of familiarizing them with the site or app. In many respects, a free bet may be viewed as a chance to place a wager with a decreased risk, since you are not required to contribute the investment.

How we evaluate the best free bets has a thorough system for evaluating free bet offers. Our team of specialists follows many stages and examines each transaction from multiple angles. The following factors are considered while evaluating and ranking the greatest free bet deals.

Bonus money

Bettors naturally want their free wager to be as huge as possible. In this section, we’ll evaluate how generous a sportsbook’s offer is. In addition, we will determine if the money may be spread between numerous wagers or if it must be utilized on a single pick.

Betting requirements

Typically, a sportsbook may attach wagering conditions to a free bet that must be satisfied before you can withdraw your profits. We will examine the terms and conditions of each offer to see how reasonable these requirements are for you. The greatest points will be awarded to wagering requirements that are low or nonexistent.

Minimum odds

Some free bets will have minimum odds requirements before they may be used. Here, we’ll hunt for sportsbooks that let the usage of free bets on both low and high odds. In general, most bookmakers will provide qualifying odds of 1.5 (1/2) or above – this will serve as our standard.

Validity period

Once a free wager has been applied to your account, it will likely have an expiration date. Generous expiration dates allow you to take your time and utilize a bonus wager when the moment is perfect. We will thus award the highest ratings to the bookmakers with the longest free bet validity periods.

Banking & payout

When evaluating the top free bet offers, we will also check for a variety of withdrawal options. We would also expect to see a variety of valid debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Then, we will evaluate the payout pace to guarantee that gamblers are never forced to wait for their gains.

Safety and customer service

We will only endorse sportsbooks with the greatest standards. Every time we do a review, we investigate the license and certification of each website. Then, we will evaluate their customer service alternatives to guarantee that their customers are at the center of everything they do.

Approval & rating

Our specialists will rank the sportsbook and its bonus offer after thoroughly examining all of the aforementioned elements. The top free bet incentives will be included on our list. Rest assured that our rankings are routinely updated to guarantee that you are receiving the greatest possible bargain.

Types of free bets and sports bonuses

Take it from us: not all free wager offers are created equal. Examine the various sports incentives listed below to see what a sports betting website may provide.

Bonus Bonus description

First deposit bonus

This is a common incentive offered to reward new bettors for signing up with a sports betting website. In most instances, your initial contribution will be matched by 50-200%. Typically, first-deposit incentives are applicable to all wagers, but they can also be applied to specific events such as football and cricket matches. This bonus type functions identically to a conventional casino bonus.

matching deposit wagering bonus

This promotion will match your initial deposit with a free wager of equal value. Frequently, bonuses can be matched up to $100 and can be utilized immediately after registration. Using this bonus type judiciously can treble the wagering funds available to you. Be mindful of any minimum deposit or wagering limitations that may apply.

No-deposit deals

Free bets with no deposit are the golden grail of sports promotions. This sort of deal might be difficult to obtain and typically has strict eligibility requirements. For instance, the minimum odds and wager type may be limiting. There may also be wagering limitations, preventing quick withdrawal of any profits. This promotion is similar to no-deposit bonuses and free spins.

Risk-free bets

Free wagers serve as a safety net. The bettor places a wager with real money, and if it loses, the betting site gives a refund. Typically, the return will be in the form of bet credits that may be used to future wagers. Assuredly, if the first wagers win, the consumer gets to keep the gains.

Cash-back free wagers

Similar to risk-free wagers, money-back wagers provide a bonus if a wager fails, if the favorite wins, or if a particular event occurs. Typically, the bonus will come in the form of bet credit. This form of wager is very popular across a range of sports, however horse racing-specific promos are typically available.

Bonus code

Bonus or promotional codes grant access to certain betting site deals. Typically, the codes are only active for a limited period, and new bonus codes are generated frequently. When making a deposit, simply enter the code in the section labeled “Got a promotion code?”

Increased odds

For a short period, betting companies give enhanced odds on a certain number of wagers. The ‘boost’ signifies that the payoff for the same wager is increased. This form of bonus, also known as increased odds, is typically associated with high-profile events such as the Super Bowl or NBA Finals. This deal is good for both new and current clients on a regular basis.

Free-play clubs

In the form of a free bets club, the majority of sports betting sites provide recurring incentives as a loyalty award. Although free bet clubs are referred to differently on different websites, they function identically. If a consumer wagers a particular amount within one week, they will receive a free wager. Typically, minimum odds apply to the free bet.

Free wager and bonus on sports calculator

Our online bonus calculator for free bets enables you to rapidly locate the greatest sports betting sites’ promotions. Simply input the desired bonus amount, and our top selections will be displayed.


Look for a free bet promotion with low minimum odds and a lengthy expiration date. Thus, you will have the freedom to gamble on everything you like and the time to discover the greatest wager.

Free wagers and sports bonus Frequently Asked Questions

How do free bets function?

Free bets function by providing a bonus to wager with. Typically, you are eligible for a free wager when you register a new account and make a deposit. You are then awarded with a free wager equal to the amount of your deposit.

Which betting websites provide free wagers?

Today, the majority of online sportsbooks provide welcome bonuses and free bets. If you are seeking for the greatest bargains, you can discover suggestions in the list provided above.

What is a matched free bet?

A free matched wager is a bonus equal to the size of the first stake. For instance, if you placed a $20 real-money wager, you would receive a $20 matched wager.

What is a riskless wager?

A risk-free wager allows you to place a real-money wager while being protected by a bonus. The only need is to place a wager with real money. If the wager loses, you will get an equal-sized bonus wager. If the wager is successful, you will get the earnings as compensation.

What are the prerequisites for wagering free bets?

Playthrough or wagering requirements refer to the number of times a bettor must wager their deposit amount in order to be eligible to withdraw the bonus. Before placing a free wager, it is essential to be aware of these restrictions, which will vary between sportsbooks.

Can you withdraw a free wager?

No, a free wager cannot be immediately converted to cash. Free wagers must be placed before they can be cashed out; if the wager is successful, the earnings may then be withdrawn. There may, however, be wagering or playthrough restrictions.

Can profits from free bets be withdrawn?

However, certain deals may have restrictions. Certain sportsbooks will enable you to withdraw your profits immediately after a successful wager. In other circumstances, a wagering requirement may apply.

Are free wagers only available to new customers?

No, free bet incentives are accessible to existing clients as well. Existing clients will receive free bets from the majority of online sportsbooks as a loyalty award.

How can I locate the top free wagers?

Finding the most advantageous free wagers involves investigation. You may check what our experts propose by visiting the preceding list.

What is a play-through requirement?

Wagering criteria are the prerequisites for receiving a bonus. For sports betting, this may need a minimum wager or odds to unlock the bonus. All bonuses are accompanied by terms and conditions that outline the wagering requirements.

How do I receive free bets without making a deposit?

Look for no-deposit bonuses to obtain free wagers without making a deposit. Infrequently, betting sites will provide this sort of bonus solely for creating an account. Just be careful to read the terms and conditions, as many no-deposit bonuses have large wagering requirements.

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