Playing the Mysterious Slot Machine (Pragmatic Play)

Pragmatic Play has released Mysterious, a new terrifying slot machine. Scary is, of course, a relative term, and slot machines are never actually that terrifying, are they? Devil’s Number probably pushed the limit as far as developers are willing to go in that area for fear of frightening away punters. In contrast, Mysterious lives up to its name. A Victorian horror novel with a touch of the strange: haunted mansions, specters, thunderstorms, and lightning. It has a ton of extras, such as an option between two additional games.

Booting up the slot, it delivers a promising first impression. Make sure you’re playing in landscape mode on your mobile device for the best experience. The game has a default setup of 4 reels, 4 rows, and 256 paylines in the base game, though this increases during free spins. A foreboding manor sits atop a hill in the distance as fog rolls through a quiet settlement. It’s cliche, to be sure, but it works well to evoke Bram Stoker’s tortured village of Whitby or the Castlevania series. Three modes and intriguing characters adjacent to the reels add to the atmosphere, which we’ll discuss in more detail in a moment. Bets can be placed between 10 percent and one hundred dollars or euros per spin before one sets out to uncover the riddle.

In the paytable, the icons are crystal clear and strangely appropriate. The premiums include a stylish assortment of ritualistic-looking animals, while the low payments are represented by the four card suits. Value increases from bull to ram to owl to lion. For 6 of a kind, the logo pays out 25 times the wager. The three individuals are useful because of the little number of wilds available. Mysterious is another very unpredictable game from Pragmatic Play, and it deserves the same 5/5 rating as its predecessors. Check the paytable before pressing the spin button to make sure the RTP isn’t lower than 96.50%, as this is the default and can be changed by the operator. Mysterious, like many other Pragmatic slots, includes a fun and rewarding basic game and a number of bonus games with high payouts.

Slot Machine, Mysterious (Pragmatic Play): Bonus Rounds

As alluded previously, the three Wild Modifiers included in the standard game vary in effect depending on the active game mode. The highlighted character on the side of the reels signifies which mode and wild is active. No matter the mode, the wilds are able to substitute for any of the standard pay symbols. We get:

The Lord: Lord wilds disclose an x2 or x3 multiplier when they contribute to a winning combination. When there are two or more Lord Wilds, they will breed.

Once a victory is paid out and the Lady Wild has expanded to show a stack of mystery symbols, additional wins are possible.

The Baron is a Wild that can turn adjacent symbols into more wilds.

The bonus round is the cherry on top. Scatter wins are triggered by getting 3 or 4 of the Free Spins symbols anywhere on the reels. There is a change in style, and the playing field has grown to include six reels, four rows, and a whopping 4,096 possible ways to win. Prior to play, players can select one of two variations of free spins:

Locking Multiplier Free Spins introduce a clock symbol that, when it appears, grants a random multiplier of 3, 6, 9, or 12 times the spin’s total win. If two clocks appear, the current multiplier is locked in place for two additional free spins.

In the free-spins bonus game called Resurrecting Roaming Wilds, the Wild symbols vanish after each spin but reappear elsewhere on the reels. If another wild lands in view the roaming wilds return for that spin in a random positions.

It was a delight to play such a well-made game after a string of average hours reviewing merely passable slot machines. It’s obvious that Pragmatic Play has a firm grasp of the subject matter, but with Mysterious, the bar has been raised significantly. Their team’s brilliance shines through in both their ideas and their implementation. All of it is a very polished finished product. The illusion is aided by even the smallest of details, like as the sound of landing spins. In maximum volume, they mimic the sound of a heartbeat, footsteps, or a midnight knock on the door. Maybe we’re a little too far in the zone, but Mysterious can handle it. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort was put into designing every aspect of the game. The visuals are superb, as are the audio and the variety of bonus features. All of it is entertaining and successful in transporting you to a Victorian era.

Strangely, sometimes the main game is just as entertaining as the extras. The chances to win money are concentrated during free spins, but the wild modes that spin and the whole ambiance keep things exciting. Even while the mathematical model might be as harsh as any high-stakes game, it should be applauded all the same. The algorithm is one of Pragmatic Play’s best contributions in recent memory. It didn’t feel as tough to activate the extra game as it sometimes does on games from this developer throughout our playthrough. In Mysterious, the main objective of the main game is not to dish out punishment in order to unlock the bonus game. That can seem like the case with some of Pragmatic’s temperamental monsters.

In conclusion, the Mysterious video slot is a fantastic example of Pragmatic Play’s foray into a new design aesthetic that works wonderfully with the company’s existing repertoire. And don’t be frightened off by the spectres and doom, the theatrical horror is more camp hi-jinks than scary and offers the perfect gaming companion to a dark and stormy night in.

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