Working Out to Slow Down Aging

There are three general types that you probably fall into. The first type frequents the gym on a regular basis to work on their physique, shouting with glee whenever they bench press twice their body weight and wearing one of their three or more muscle tees. The second goes to yoga class, excels at side planks, and relaxes with some strawberry-infused water. The third one says “screw that” and kicks back with some beer and online gambling. We don’t have any strong opinions either way, and harmony is the key to a happy existence. Anything may be done moderately. But even if you fit into one of the first two categories, how certain are you that the physical activity you’ve chosen will promote health in your body? While it’s true that physical activity in general is beneficial, it’s also true that there are a variety of fitness levels. That is to say, if you want to maintain your health and fitness as you age, you need to make sure you’re doing the right kind of exercise.

Enhancing One’s Strength All Over

Let’s face it: as we age, our bodies grow more prone to breaking. This is an unpleasant truth, but one that must be ignored. Why does this matter? Because resistance training five times a week is a good start, but it may not be enough to halt the effects of aging. Public Health England has issued a report indicating this. The PHE claims that everybody knows that aerobic exercise is beneficial for cardiovascular health. Less well-known, however, is the necessity to engage in exercises that target helping the body maintain its strength and firmness as one ages. The paper emphasizes the importance of having robust muscle and bone. What are the finest ways to strengthen your bones so that they don’t give way at the first indication of a slick shower floor?


Exercises That Build Muscle

The PHE suggests considering these measures to ensure a healthy physical and mental decline with age. Sports like football and volleyball are very popular. Racket sports, like tennis, are a close second. The same can be said for dancing, however it isn’t specified whether or not belly dance is acceptable. Perhaps it does. The practice of using walking poles, known as Nordic walking, is discussed. Resistance training is another excellent option. Besides riding, Tai Chi and yoga are beneficial as well. Therefore, if you’re like any of the aforementioned, you should be OK and have a robust enough body to poke fun at your peers as you and they enter the white-haired phase of life. However, you should try to make time for these pursuits twice a week at the very least. The PHE said that their data showed that as little as one in four women and one in three males were fulfilling this benchmark.


How Much Physical Activity Is Ideal?

Let’s get more detailed with the guidelines, though, so that nobody can say they didn’t get going because they didn’t know how much was expected of them. Adults should get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity cardio activity. All the sports involving running and balls fall within this category. As said before, you should perform the exercises designed to improve your muscles and bones twice every week. Or even more, if you really want to move ahead. There is no longer any need for you to delay beginning. If you were waiting for the perfect time to begin, know that there is none. Have fun, and drink lots of water.

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